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PrecisionFAST 2x Real-time PCR Mastermix is an ultra-fast, cost-saving mix for qPCR. The mix is designed for both standard and rapid cycling protocols that can dramatically shorten run times. The Taq polymerase has been mutated at the active site and has higher affinity for DNA and faster processing. The buffer has been designed for optimum sensitivity and also to reduce primer dimers which are a common artefact of fast processing enzymes.
  • Ultra-fast enzyme
  • 30 second unique hot-start enzyme activation
  • qPCR data in 30 minutes
  • Available for all machines.
  • Minimizes primer dimer formation
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Product Selection Guide
Product formulations are specific to different makes/models of thermocyclers. For product selection, simply identify your instrument in the table below for the appropriate formulation. Don't see your instrument listed? Contact us at and we'll be happy to direct you to the correct product.


Note: product availability depends on country. Product detail pages show availability of each product.