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DNA Damage Quantitation Kit FAQs

Can I use single-stranded DNA or RNA?
No, you cannot use this kit to determine the number of abasic sites in single-stranded DNA or RNA. The O.D. reading of single-stranded DNA will be nearly twice that of double-stranded DNA because of the binding efficiency on the microplate.
How should genomic DNA be stored?
Prepare a DNA pellet and store at -20C or -80C if the DNA cannot be labeled with ARP immediately after isolation. After ARP labeling, the sample can be stored at 4C in TE Buffer for several months.
How should I prepare the DNA?
You can use general protocols or commercially available DNA isolation kits. Since between 2 to 4 abasic sites per 1 x 105 base pairs will be created during the DNA isolation process, use the same isolation method to prepare each DNA sample.
What should I do if the sample DNA concentration is less than 100 μg per ml?
You can either use a filtration tube to concentrate your sample DNA or ethanol precipitation to recover DNA as a pellet and then re-dissolve to prepare a 100 μg per ml solution.
What should I do if the sample DNA is less than 1 μg?
Add the same volume of ARP Solution and follow the manual. The recovery of the ARP-labeled DNA may be lower than the usual reactions, so measure the ARP-labeled DNA solution. The average recovery rate of 0.5 μg DNA and 0.25 μg DNA is 70% and 50%, respectively.